Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Welcome to the Leigh Academy Media blog

This blog is my teachers blog from a previous school The Leigh Academy in Dartford where I was Head of Media Studies. It includes work and assignments covered in the A level Media Studies curriculum over a two year period.

In recent years I have taught and guided hundreds of students through the AS and A level Media Studies course. During the six years that I was Head of department at LTA, Media Studies students consistently achieved top results at A level. Additionally, in spite of the fact that it was a mixed ability cohort annual results were regularly above the national average for the subject.

Media Studies is a standardized A level qualification. This means that all courses at A level are measured by the combined exam board to ensure that there is parity across all A levels and to guarantee a comparable degree of complexity. Although it is difficult to compare like with like this means that a Media Studies A level is worth exactly the same UCAS points as any other A level qualification from Sciences/Mathematics, to Art and humanities.

All students received a high standard of care and this was reflected in the annual feedback comments from the exam board moderator. On this blog you can view past student coursework films and planning blogs

I hope you enjoy viewing their work.

Donna Joy